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Presenting The
High Technology:
Gamma Knife Icon

Gamma Knife ICON is the latest high technology in today’s world. It offers the lowest procedure time and fast recovery within days. In addition, it can treat the most challenging anomalies without any pain.

Why Turkey for
Health Tourisim?

Turkey has many internationally accredited medical facilities containing the newest technologies with highly qualified physicians. The healthcare tourism experience for many years and well-known Turkish hospitality make Turkey more special.

We Are Growing!

If you are saying YES! to all questions at the “learn more” page, we shall meet soon! We will be happy to see you in our ambitious and rapidly growing HERA family.


We value the quality of the physicians we cooperate with, more than anything.



Aesthetic and recontructive surgery

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery



Obesity Center and Bariatric Surgery

Obesity Surgery


Hair Transplantation


Organ Transplantation


IVF Treatments

Obesity Center and Bariatric Surgery

Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplantation

HERA HEALTHCARE delivers intuitive, customized healthcare solutions to meet your treatment needs.

Please fill the application form accordingly to the given criterias. Our purpose is to give you fast, high quality and financially achiavable answers.


What they say?

We love that our patients feel inspired to write or record about the care and support services they received here in Turkey and with HERA! Here are some of the wonderful letters and videos we have recently received.

Our Physician Partners

HERA Healthcare, in cooperation with the following physicians, has partnered together to establish your treatment abroad options. It is the mission of HERA and its physician partners to provide the highest quality of treatment in a safe and caring environment.

In addition to our physician partners,  we have many other qualified physicians which are providers at our partner hospitals.  To see if your doctor is a provider or to ask for the best option for your case, please call our Information Line ++90 850 885 5880.

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