Our Values

Solidarity, common sense, reliability, sincerity, transparency guided by the experience and principles are reference values of HERA’s founding philosophy. Our aim is to ensure sustainable and value-added growth while using our internal and external resources in accordance with the priorities of our solution partners and preparing our enterprise for the future by continuously improving our business model.

Health Tourism Agency

Hera Healthcare is a new-generation intermediary service provider characterized by a sound organizational structure, wide-spectrum solution partner network, multinational and young team and a personnel policy based on profit sharing.

International Business Development Counseling

You have an international patient department, but your business development team is weak? We serve you with our model titled “Identify the target market, create marketing tools, organize and educate the team and inspect periodically”.

Health Tourism Counseling

Do you want to establish an international patient center in your healthcare facility and to get counseling services? We serve you with our model titled “Establish, structure, divide into functions and assign”.



Severcan Mehmedi Eralp - Founder


Severcan Mehmedi Eralp, the founder, is candidate to rewrite her story based on her 13-year experience in foreign trade and 14-year experience in health tourism, resulting in a total experience of 27 years in fields of international business development and operation. Having already experienced each pod of the trivet, she emphasizes that it is vital, not only a required, to ensure all those three pods are synchronized, aware of each other and accountable.

Although Hera Healthcare was founded in 2016, it initiated the agency and counseling activities with its renewed organization in 2020 following a 4-year break.

HERA HEALTHCARE, a Health Tourism Brand

Our motto is “Hera Healthcare, Your Solution Partner in Health”.

Considering what this motto implies, we should clarify our aim and target as well as the importance we attach to the process itself in detail.

The health tourism is similar to a trivet; ignorance of any pods or poor service quality implies total failure of the process. Those three pods, namely PATIENT, HOSPITAL AND AGENCY, are equally important and inevitable.

Hospitals and agencies always keep the PATIENT at the center of their statements and deny or pretend to deny the importance of each other. However, any failure in synchronization of those two pods will lead to the dissatisfaction of the patient.

Contrary to early 2000s, health tourism agency business has gained a very strong position and it became an inevitable part of the process in the form of an undeniable global reality.

If each of the pods does not equally dominate the process or if any one of the pods is dissatisfied with the outcome, it is not possible to talk about a steady and long-term success. HERA HEALTHCARE gained a position in the sector right at this point, not only as a solution partner for all parties, but also the agency pod of the trivet.

View from Hera’s Headquarter in Istanbul

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