Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

It is time to make peace with mirrors. Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a discipline of science that deals with diagnosis and treatment of congenital and acquired defects, deformities and dysfunctions in the body. The major purpose of aesthetic surgeries is to improve appearance, while plastic and reconstructive surgeries are performed to eliminate diseases and regain the function. Other than surgeries performed solely for cosmetic concerns, it is essential to achieve all these goals.

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery deals with following diseases:

  • Cleft palate and lip
  • Head and neck tumors
  • Congenital limb anomalies
  • Prominent ear
  • Decubitus ulcers
  • Craniofacial surgery
  • Maxillofacial trauma surgery
  • Congenital anomalies of genital organs
  • Injuries secondary to accident
  • Non-healing or complex wounds
  • Scars
  • Skin cancers

Aesthetic Surgery

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty): In case the nose – one of the most prominent facial organs – is excessively large or hooked and these conditions cause aesthetic concerns, nose job, also called rhinoplasty, can be done upon the request of the patient.

Rhinoplasty –most commonly performed for aesthetic concers- can also be performed for treatment of the deviated septum (a wall dividing the nasal cavity into two) and hypertrophied nasal turbinate.

Eye Lid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty): When the upper eyelid droops due to aging, it both affects the visual field and causes negative outcomes for facial aesthetic.   

Moreover, wrinkles develop in the eyelids and swellings and wrinkles occur below the lower eyelid secondary to aging and environmental factors. Blepheroplasty both treats these conditions and corrects eyelid defects.

Small touches convert into a far younger look

Face lift: When the elasticity of the facial tissues is lost and they cannot resist the gravity due to aging, the skin sags and grooves appear, resulting in an older look.   

Aesthetic surgeons consider the patient’s expectations/requests and enable the face to look younger by eliminating such defects.

Breast Aesthetics: Breast aesthetic surgeries are divided into three categories; breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift (mastopexy).

The shape and size of the breast are important for aesthetic appearance, but more importantly the excess breast tissue leads to posture disorders and chronic back pain.    

For oversized breasts, the excess breast tissue is removed. In case sagging occurs in the breast, breast reduction surgery is combined with breast lift and the appearance of the breast is improved.   

Thus, patients’ comfort is enhanced and certain disorders, such as back pain, are alleviated or completely eliminated.


Breast augmentation surgeries are among the most common aesthetic surgeries. If a woman thinks that her breasts are too small and she also aesthetic concerns, the volume/size of the breasts can be increased with a proper breast prosthesis with due consideration of the person’s expectations and body sizes.   

If the oversized breasts are associated with sagging, the breast augmentation surgery is combined with breast lift, as is the case with the breast reduction surgery. In this way, both sagging is eliminated and the volume of breasts is enhanced.

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty): The elasticity of the abdominal tissues may be lost and sagging may occur as a result of aging, rapid weight gain and loss cycles and pregnancy.   

Abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck) aims to improve the abdominal appearance by eliminating the sagging and excessive skin. However, this procedure should not be considered as a weight loss or leaning method.

Liposuction (regional fat removal): Liposuction aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of the relevant body part by removing the regional fat deposition. The procedure should not be regarded as a weight loss surgery or method.

Fat injection: Fat injection aims to eliminate grooves/pits in any body part, particularly face, and improve the volume in the relevant area. Also, it can be applied to eliminate the wrinkles.   

The procedure is most commonly performed to recontour the face, cheekbones and chin tip. The fat tissue obtained from the patient is processed and injected to the relevant body part to improve the aesthetic appearance.

Ear aesthetics: Cosmetic ear surgeries are surgical procedures that are carried out to eliminate excessively large or small auricles and abnormalities of ear folds. Prominent ear is one of the common childhood diseases.

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