Intraoperative 3-Tesla MRI

Intraoperative 3-Tesla MRI

Intraoperative 3-Tesla MRI is a high-resolution imaging system that produces images quickly during surgery.

This system is used mainly in brain surgery to provide information to the surgeon about the size and direction of tumors that are difficult to reach. As a consequence, the surgeon must choose whether to stop or continue the procedure.

The device is situated in a space adjacent to the operating place. It allows for the acquisition of photographs of the anesthetized patient while the operation is still ongoing, if necessary.

Intraoperative 3-Tesla MRI is critical, especially in brain surgeries. At any point during the operation, the surgeon may perform appropriate tests without reanimating the patient or suturing the surgical site if necessary. Since such complications, such as failure to fully remove residual content, damage to working areas, or operating on the wrong sites, are avoided, the need for a second operation is reduced thanks to Intraoperative 3-Tesla MRI.

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