Gamma Knife ICON

Gamma Knife Icon is a treatment system that uses intense radiation to destroy the diseased tissues that occur in the abnormal areas of the brain. The coordinates of these abnormalities are determined prior to that through gamma rays.

Gamma Knife ICON


The way Gamma Knife therapy works, especially for brain tumors, is that it collects low-energy rays from hundreds of cobalt sources in a single point and sends strong rays to the target. These rays are thought to treat the masses in the brain by damaging their genetic code while sparing surrounding areas.


The diseases frequently treated by Gamma Knife frequently; metastases of cancer types to the brain, metastatic brain tumors and vestibular Schwannomas, AVMs, and meningiomas, which are benign types of brain tumors.


This treatment aims to completely destroy the fast-growing tumors and vascular tangles in the brain and to stop the growth in slow-growing tumors. In addition, with Gamma Knife therapy, diseases in tissues such as bones, vessels, skin, nerves that occur in and around the brain can be treated.


Gamma Knife has served as a curative solution for more than 1 million patients so far. It is accepted as a standard in the treatment of diseases in the cephalic area.

The usage areas of Gamma Knife therapy are listed below:

Cerebrovascular diseases

* Benign brain tumors

* Malignant brain tumors

* Tremors due to Parkinson’s disease

* Patients with functional disease

* Acromegaly

* Chordoma

* Arteriovenous malformation

* Astrocytoma

* Cerebral hemorrhage

* Brain cancer

* Brain stem tumor

* Glioma

* Vascular ball in the brain

* Vestibular Schwannoma

* Trigeminal Schwannoma

* Pilocytic Astrocytoma

* Oligodendroglioma

* Meningiomas

* Chondrosarcoma

* Auditory Nerve Tumor

* Pituitary adenomas

* Trigeminal neuralgia

* Low-grade glial tumor


On account of Gamma Knife therapy, a surgical treatment-precision result is obtained without opening the skull. Gamma Knife therapy is generally applied in a single session.   

The treatment starts early in the morning and lasts for a few hours and at the end of the treatment, the patient can return to daily life or even travel by plane or land after treatment.

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