Digital Substruction Angiography (DSA)

Digital Substruction Angiography

DSA is a procedure that provides an image of all the veins in our body through a special imaging technique. The special method it holds is using contrast medium by subtracting a “pre-contrast image” or mask from subsequent images. So the device can provide images of the thinnest veins with a small amount of contrast substance administered to the veins.

DSA can be considered a curative or diagnostic solution in the cases of aneurysm (abnormal bulge or balloon shape in the wall of the blood vessels), malformations – fistula (diseased veins and arteries) in the brain, abdomen, skin, arms and legs areas and throughout the whole body.

These cases are treated by inserting a catheter (a small and thin tube) into an artery in the leg with no need for surgery and for some special cases the vein mapping is used as a protective measure for any complications that may occur during a later surgery.

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