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      Digital Mammography

      Digital Mammography is a device that enables breast cancer screening to be viewed digitally, thanks to electronic sensors.

      Both traditional and Digital Mammography has an X-ray tube on top and a plate on the bottom that compresses the breast tissue. The X-ray moves across the breast and onto the film in traditional mammography. After the X-ray passes through the breast, it is detected by high-resolution electronic detectors, and photographs are first obtained in a digital environment in Digital Mammography.

      Digital Mammography has a shorter image production time. Within 1 minute of shooting, images can be displayed on the screen. The radiation exposure is slight, and the quality of image results is better than traditional mammography. Microcalcification and small lesions are easier to spot, making fibrocystic breast tissue evaluation easier.

      The most reliable tool for diagnosing breast cancer is Digital Mammography. Mammography, on the other hand, cannot detect all of the masses. Small masses can be difficult to detect, particularly in those with dense breast tissue. Mammography, as well as ultrasonography and, if appropriate, MRI, should be performed on women with this type of breast structure.


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