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      Blerti Beqiri (Bejqiri)


      Beqiri family, our son Blerti, Nimeti and Florija.

      Thanks to you we also feel improved and relieved of all the pain that the boy had, as they say the good day seems in the morning.

      The health treatment was and is excellent, we did not see and do not see anything that is outside of what we need to feel as good as possible, for that we are forever grateful to you.

      Now here I would stop a little more because I want to show everything. During the stay in the state hospitals in Skopje after all that Golgotha, it was seen that our son could not be treated in Skopje, and at the suggestion of the doctor, he told me that only abroad can you find treatment and hopefully medication as well. I said yes, where do you think professor ?, he answered me, that there is a good doctor in Turkey, and he told me wait a while to tell you that I had a patient who was in Turkey, we take his number and he tells us who he had with contact he there. He gave me a Tour number and called, it was my contact with Mr. Abdylneim Memet (I called her Aga Naim from that day), then with Aga Naim’s friend, Aunt Ajfer, and with their daughter whom I consider her, so my sister Severxhan, so from that day we are like a family. I do not know how I will return this family, forgive me I feel with emotions. We have no objections to them, may God give you health and reward them.

      Not that we are very happy, but we do not know how it would be different or how it would look better than such an organization, thank you very much, we are grateful for life.

      Excuse me, I wanted to add, now all the patients that the professor has in Skopje, and that need to be treated in Turkey, the professor directs them to me, and I tell you how we spent all that long time in the hospitals of Skopje , but we finally found Blert’s medication in Turkey, and I suggest to everyone to travel under the care of your agency, so I also feel pleasure for that, because everyone when they come back thank me and no one has had any complaints.

      Thank you for what life is like, thank the Beqiri family, our son Blerti, Nimeti and Florija.


      General Informations

      Age: 7

      Nation: North Macedonia

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