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      Hera's Patient Services

      The International Patient Services at HERA Healthcare offers a comprehensive range of services for international patients and visitors. Our staff is dedicated to providing services including consultations, diagnostic services, billing and insurance, travel and logistics arrangements and language interpretation services.


      HERA’s International Patient Services Unit, designed as a “one-stop” service center, offers healthcare and logistic services from the day of your request even after your return to home country. 

      The Team of case managers at HERA is comprised by multilingual patient service specialists and partner physicians. This team of dedicated professionals organizes the “Healthcare Journey” of international patients according to their needs and expectations. 

      Our main vision is to find you the best option for treatment abroad. We provide you experienced physicians, advanced technology, comfortable hospitals and high success rate treatments. We very well understand your budgeting concerns and we create a detailed treatment budget, customized to your unique financial goals.

      We aim to be your best and long term solution partner in healthcare.

      HERA can help you with the following services before, during and after your stay:


      Hera's Worldwide Information Line

      HERA’s Information Line works to answer and solve all your questions and problems related to our services. You can directly contact our line whatever the time zone you are in and anywhere you are.
      By calling our Information Line you can;
      • Get accurately informed about the treatment and diagnostic opportunities.
      • Give registers for your appointments.
      • Gain information on procedures.
      • Have more detailed information about our services.

      Hera's Online Services

      If you are seeking a physician consultation, we suggest that you send your complete medical history, along with any applicable x-ray films and laboratory test results via e-mail or we transfer. Once a physician has reviewed your medical history, we will contact you about the recommended course of treatment and whether it is advisable to travel to Turkey for diagnostics and/or treatment.

      Once we have determined that your treatment is appropriate, we will schedule all your physician appointments including diagnostic and laboratory tests & procedures, as well as surgical procedures if necessary. Appointment availability depends on the nature and urgency of medical situation.


      Fill up the form
      and we will contact you as soon as possible.


      Fill up the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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      Онлайн Консультации

      Подготовьтесь к лечению за границей Проконсультируйтесь с врачом онлайн!
      125 евро или
      150 долларов
      • Частная консультация
      • Аудиозвонок
      • Консультация по электронной почте
      • Бесплатное сопровождение координаторов HERA

      Online Consultation

      Get Prepared Well for Treatment Abroad Take Online Doctor Consultation!
      €125 or $150
      • Private Consultation
      • Audio Call
      • Conclusion by e-mail
      • Free Follow Up with HERA Case Managers
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