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      Departments: Neurosurgery

      Aziz Soleymani

      Hello My name is Aziz Soleimani and I have been suffering from binocular problems and severe headaches for many years! Immediately after seeing the doctor, I had surgery, but because the tumor I had in my head was Schwannoma, and because it was in a sensitive area of ​​my head, I was able to remove …

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      Blerti Beqiri (Bejqiri)

      Beqiri family, our son Blerti, Nimeti and Florija. Thanks to you we also feel improved and relieved of all the pain that the boy had, as they say the good day seems in the morning. The health treatment was and is excellent, we did not see and do not see anything that is outside of …

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      Janja Stamenkovic

      Janja was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor when she was 2 years old. She has been going through several stages of surgery, physical therapy, rehabilitation for nine years. Although the tumor cannot be completely removed due to the location of the tumor, Janja is now able to participate in certain activities of her peers and …

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      Sergej Milicevic

      Sergej was only two years old when he was diagnosed an aggressive brain tumor. He has been through surgical operations, radiotherapy and kemotherapy with many steps for many years. Sergej’s last surgery was done in 2019. Sergej and his family are real warriors who fought for years without getting tired and they still do. Today, …

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      Prof. Selçuk Peker, M.D.

      Dr. Peker received his medical degree from the Hacettepe University and graduated from the Hacettepe University Neurosurgery residency program in 1993. After working i BİLİMSEL MAKALELER n some clinics in Ankara, Alanya and İstanbul, Dr. Peker joined the faculty of the Department of Neurological Surgery at the Marmara University in May 1999 and later was …

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